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ONE VOTE was created by Christine Woodhouse, an attorney who, trained as an Election Judge, spent countless election days in multiple locations across the country observing the American polling place on election day. She always came away with the strong conviction that every vote told a story, and not the story we are used to seeing told from the top down, focused on the personalities and rhetoric of politicians. The basis of democracy is the individual vote, an intensely personal act that stirs emotions as it breathes life into the relationship between the individual and society. She decided it was those stories that needed to be told.

One Vote was shot in six locations, each with a single camera, entirely on Election Day 2016. The five stories selected for the film speak not only of the struggles and heroic acts of the individual participating in democracy, but of the shared ritual that strengthens our communal bonds even as we struggle as a divided nation. Collectively, these stories serve to re-set our understanding of voting as an energetic act of belief in ourselves and hope for the future.

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